Forest Experience Rally School RS2000

Half-Day Rally Driving Course

During this AM or PM course you will drive around our classic two mile Welsh rally stage in either the rear wheel drive Ford RS2000 or the front wheel drive Mitsubishi (you must specify when booking if you have a preference to which car you want to drive, it isn't a case of turning up on the day and choosing). Enjoy the thrill of doing handbrake turns and further forest stages before a trophy for the client with most points for achieving specific tasks and certificates for all.

This course is not suitable for for clients that compete...


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Our half-day rally driving course follows the following schedule:

  • Arrive at Cambrian House for signing on.
  • Depart for forest.
  • A short 1-one-1 briefing session with the instructor.
  • You will drive the rally car around the exhilarating two mile forest stage with the instructor, who will guide you through the techniques you'll need for rally driving on the loose surface.
  • In turn with other participants, you'll have the chance to attempt specific tasks including handbrake turns before setting out on a further run around the forest stage.
  • Time to attack the clock now with a competition between all participant and a trophy for the quickest driver
  • Depart the Forest Experience Rally School.

You can book vouchers online for this course.

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